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The Weekly Trawl

Two guys plus sometimes-bizarre commentary on videogames and whatever else Tycho wants to write about. Read the posts, they are as entertaining as the comic. The oldest comic I'm still reading -- when it comments on videogames it not only *hits* the mark but covers it in concrete and sinks it to the bottom of the river. I'd have to turn in my gamer badge if I didn't (still) love Penny Arcade wholeheartedly.

A long-form speculative fiction comic. A little bit of fantasy, a little bit of sci-fi, a little bit of police drama... The art is quite good and the story is engaging.

Spike's lovely near-future comic. Great art, great characters, not much happening. If you like slice-of-life comics that aren't actually about real life, definitely read this one.

An urban fantasy set in an alternate Britain populated with animals and magic. Nicely done, and it looks like the meat of the story is just getting started!

I actually had some of this guy's art saved on my hard-drive like... six years ago. I'm glad I found him again and I'm even more glad he's doing a comic that doesn't suck! It's an unholy merging of the fantasy/roommate genre with great art and occasionally hilarious situations.

Cat and girl comment on everything. Clever and interesting. I love this comic, I have no idea why it's never appeared on my link site before.

I'm a sucker for re-told fairytales. Which is probably why I've forgiven this comic's lack of updates for many years now.

A gag-with-story comic about a bunch of twentysomethings and, inexplicably, a talking cactus. Funny relationship comic.

Kinda like Lenore, but with haikus and gingerbread people.

A story about a failed manga-style villain in a League of Villains. A snarky, self-aware take on cliched villainy coupled with gorgeous art. I'm curious to see where the story is going.

An irregularly-updated gag-a-week strip set in an early-20th-century dictatorship and populated with very cute, awful and funny characters. I'm not generally a fan of Evil Cute Things, unless there's an entire comic of them all being assholes to one another -- which Toy Division accomplishes with style. On hiatus.

As per the title. A terrifically funny comic that follows the adventures of a community of D&D monsters. Sketchy pencil-work -- drawn by someone who obviously knows what he's doing, but doesn't have a lot of time to actually do it.

Small Banner People

One girl's life at a very odd boarding school.
Erika Moen's fabulous journal comic. Full of farts and boobs, so not for work.
Bob, an angry and frequently evil flower, causes chaos. Excellent local comic that went on to hit the sorta-big-time. Mostly through Notley's relentless labour, I think. Anyway, I wish him luck wherever the hell he's heading now.
Anthro high-school drama. Lovely artwork, but a few too many characters. Enjoyable nevertheless!
Wacky roommate comic, dark humour.

No Banner People

Order of Tales
A wonderful fantasy that's isn't the same old Lord of the Rings clone in disguise. A prequel to Rice Boy, which is complete and you should also read on the site.
What Birds Know
An ongoing fantasy about three girls who discover an unusual secret in the forest. I'm dying to know what happens next!
The Princess Planet
Corny humour at its best!
Family Man
Dylan Meconis's new comic, detailing the lives of German werewolves in the 1700s. Beautiful art. Will probably be whisked off to a pay site just like her other comic (...but I'm not bitter...) once she's got us by the short 'n' curlies.
Anders Loves Maria
A quirky relationship comic.
An interesting superhero comic about a non-powered policeman trying to catch a killer who has been targeting the superhero community. The art style is too goofy for the subject matter, but the story is interesting.
Nothing Better
A college-roommate comic that explores issues of religious faith. Interesting, because the author doesn't seem to be pushing any one agenda so far.
North World
D&D-style adventurer comic mushed together with a modern slice-of-life comic. A guy making his living as part of an adventurer's guild returns to his home town to stop a demon-summoner and attend his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Unique, and works surprisingly well.
Sequential Art
Jolly Jack's strip about a cartoonist who lives in a house with assorted anthro animals. Your quintessential online comic strip -- four panels, roommates, furries the occasional parody... done in a way that actually makes you want to come back and read more. What Sluggy should've been.
A cute, wordless comic about the lives of kitchen objects. Fun to interpret!
A lovely B&W comic in the vein of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Only on pg. 38 after some odd years, so don't expect speedy updates.

Friends & Exchanges

Deathworld -- a long-running sci-fi-ish comedy comic done by a friend.
Space fiction with girls!