Dramatis Personae

Main Characters

Dittany Sandbur - Dittany is a musician and a one-time magic student. While normally cheerful and nice, she has a mercurial personality and a quick temper. She just moved into a warren with her friends, Larch and Sorrel, and enjoys puttering around the garden.

Larch Speedwell - Larch is a writer with a responsible, dutiful sort of personality. He has long flowing hair and a tendency to wear skilts, which often causes readers to mistake him for a girl. (Nobunny in the comic is confused. Their sense of smell is better than ours.) His apparent goal in life is to see to it that Sorrel does her fair share of the housework.

Sorrel Mullein - Sorrel works at all sorts of crap jobs, trying to figure out what to do with her life. She consequently has a somewhat gloomy and cynical outlook. She enjoys reading, doesn't trust magic, and her apparent goal in life is to avoid doing housework.

Vetiver Woad - Dittany, Larch and Sorrel's neighbour. A magician of sorts, he carries a spellbook with some useful powers. Prone to running away from trouble.

The Chloroconstructs - Mobile plants. They live in the Garden of Repine and don't take Dittany's gardening efforts with good grace.

Honesty - A mysterious female magician with a tendency to freezing and/or drowning people she doesn't like. She seems quite put out with Vetiver for some reason, but isn't quite powerful enough to put him out of her misery. She isn't alone, though...

Castus - Another mysterious magician with a hate-on for Vetiver. The tattoo in the middle of his forehead gives him a number of interesting powers. A little more stable than his friend Honesty.

Characters We Haven't Seen Much of Yet

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